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Surgeries performed on site by the team of Dr. Bruno David BENAIM

Consultations and interventions by appointment only

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This specialty of surgery treats conditions of the brain, spinal cord and nerves.

Typical interventions : herniated discs, nerve compressions, hematoma or hypertension in the cranium.

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Soft tissue surgery

This expertise is concerned with the thoracic organs, the organs of the abdomen, the muscles and the skin.
Type of interventions: cutaneous and reconstructive surgery, reproductive surgery, digestive surgery

Typical interventions : cutaneous and reconstructive surgery, reproductive surgery, digestive surgery.

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Orthopedic surgery

This discipline of surgery treats the hard tissues of the musculoskeletal system: bones, spine, tendons, ligaments, muscles, etc. It helps restore the functional integrity of the affected part.

Typical interventions : Fractures, ruptures of the cruciate ligaments, dislocations of the kneecaps ...

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“Dr. Benaim operated on my dog for stenosis of the nostrils and soft palate. She already feels the comfort of better breathing. "



Consultations and care provided by the team of Dr. Thierry BEDOSSA

By appointment from 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Monday to Friday and by appointment only on Saturday


Hospitalization and intensive care

In which cases may you need to hospitalize your animal?

The most frequent hospitalizations are during the day, after an operation. The objective is to accompany the animal when it wakes up postoperatively * and to monitor its vital functions so that it can return home safely.
Hospitalizations are also done at night, for animals that require longer care and supervision.

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* the post-operative awakening is done gently, at their own pace, without any administration of stimulating products.


Behavioral consultations

To understand the sometimes annoying behavior of your companions, we will:

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1. Find the causes of the behaviors you are wondering about

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2. Understand why these causes can be a barrier to the well-being of your animal

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3. Find the most suitable solutions for him and for you, according to your means and your lifestyle.

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“A very competent team that takes care to best meet your expectations and those of your animal friends. "


General consultations

This is an opportunity to check if everything is going well for your animal: its gait, its eyes, its ears, its teeth, its nose, its vaccines… We pay attention to its health in a global way.

The objective of general consultations is to prevent illnesses in your companions.

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Physiotherapy & Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a manual, gentle and non-invasive technique for animals. After careful examination, the vet can manipulate the muscles and the skeleton.

Osteopathy has notable benefits: it acts on functional disorders to treat and prevent them by limiting the intake of drug treatments.

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Used in post-operative rehabilitation, we combine it with psychotherapy for better care and better results.

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The food and nutritional needs of our companions change with age, their attraction to food, their weight and their possible pathologies (diabetes, anemia, dental problem, etc.).

Our veterinarians will guide you to understand your animal's needs and adapt their diet (type of food, rations, food supplements, etc.).

You can also ask for advice at your clinic reception.


Community medicine

These are medical and behavioral consultations applied to a group of individuals. They are most often intended for professionals who are in charge of groups of animals (farms, shelters, etc.).

Dr. Thierry BEDOSSA travels to study your animals in their environment.


Services & matériel de pointe

Equipment available on site to allow better diagnosis and time savings


Medical imaging

Imaging is a valuable aid to veterinary and surgical diagnosis. X-rays, ultrasounds, endoscopies and arthroscopies are carried out on site to allow us to have access to the results and to be able to analyze them quickly.


Surgical material

At the Pont de Neuilly clinic, we strive to offer you the best equipment in the medical and surgical field.

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State-of-the-art equipment is available in your clinic.

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Benefits ? Accurate and rapid diagnosis. You will no longer need to go to a laboratory. Everything is done in your clinic, and the results are available immediately.


Biological analysis laboratory

For a good diagnosis, both for a consultation and in the event of an operation, we sometimes need to perform clinical examinations complementary to the veterinary diagnosis. With us, the exams are done on site and the results are quickly available. Biochemical blood tests, serologies and hormonal assays are carried out on site.


Are you going on vacation, need to transport your pet, make an appointment quickly or place an order? Here are some useful daily services.

Servces non méicaux

Holiday pension MyK6

Full support

One way - The price includes return transport Paris - Normandy (myK6 pension) - Paris for your cat or dog.

Support : Pont de Neuilly veterinary clinic on Monday and Thursday at 12:45 p.m. to accompany him to the myK6 pension.

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The return - Monday and Thursday at 12:30 p.m. after a grooming.

The stay - We monitor their well-being, their needs, their emotional states and adapt their environment to their needs. Remember to bring their medical treatment.

When? Open all year

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Or ? On 75 ha of meadows, based in Quesnoy, in Normandy.

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06 89 90 90 50


Animal taxi

When to call an animal taxi?

It is sometimes difficult to move with an animal of imposing size or with mobility problems without a clean car.

To help you in this case and for any emergency that requires increased attention during the transport of your companion, you can call a pet taxi.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Contact: Antoine Desouse, taxi craftsman for 45 years


Online Store

Order your pet's food online on the website of our partner Chronovet, for an unbeatable price!

Get it delivered very quickly to your Pont de Neuilly veterinary clinic or to your home.

All you have to do is choose your companion's diet on the site and register on the site, indicating your veterinary clinic. You will receive your order at the clinic or directly at your home, very quickly!


Online appointment

Do you want to have your pet vaccinated, have him descaled or consult your veterinarian for a routine visit? You can save time by making an appointment online on VetClic.

For any other appointment request, please contact the clinic. This allows us to determine if the reason for your visit is usual, important or urgent, and if so, to take care of you as quickly as possible.

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